Buy Tadalia (Cialis Oral Strips)

General description

Tadalia (Cialis Oral Strips) may become a new product for men who suffer from the erectile dysfunction. This is a completely new form of Tadalafil that is produced in the form of the fast-dissolving strips. These strips look like chewing gum, and therefore nobody will know that you take a medicine.

Every strip acts within 36 hours, and so it is distinguished among the rest products for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction. The Indian manufacturers have already produced an identical product under the name of Cialis Soft, but it was fast-dissolving pill that should be resolved in the mouth. Tadalia strips have a more unique and modern texture, and therefore there is no need to dissolve them and wait till they are completely absorbed in the blood. 

Fast-dissolving strips of Tadalia are created of clear polymers on water base, tested in the laboratories and approved by FDA. They do not contain harmful ingredients and have less dissolutions and additives like capsules and pills do. A tablet should be dissolved in the stomach, and therefore besides an active ingredient, it has many additional ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction or stomach upset. 

Tadalia strips are safer and cause little side effects. As a dissolution of the drug happens in the mouth cavity and the active ingredients do not go to the stomach, the side effects are impossible in the gastro-intestinal tract.

A thickness of every strip is like a human hair. They are dissolved within 30-40 seconds on the tongue. Therefore, the action occurs quickly and a man does not have to calculate the beginning of the action.  

  • Tadalafil penetrates into the blood vessels of the small pelvis organs within the first 5 mins
  • The blood vessels are dilated and more blood goes to the penis within 10 mins
  • A man may have a sexual intercourse in 15 mins after the dissolution of the strip

But the effect occurs only during a sexual arousal. If a man takes the drug and continues doing other things or work, none effect will occur. In case of the sexual stimulation, Tadalafil will launch a natural process of the blood filling of the penis with the blood, and a man will have erection. So, do not worry about the uncontrolled erection. Every dose acts within 36 hours but erection will appear only when it is needed.

Recommendations for the use

Tadalia Oral Strips has a soft texture. Every strip has a mint flavor, and therefore you may refresh your breath besides having a hard erection. As the strips have mint flavor and are not bitter, you do not have to take Tadalia with water.

It is easy to take Tadalia. Take a strip from the pack, put it into the tongue and wait for a minute. Do not chew the strip or take a water. Do not take more than 1 strip of Tadalia per day because every strip contains the maximal daily dose of Tadalafil 20 mg, and acts within 36 hours. The use of two or more Oral Strips may cause side effects. 

Despite a simple use of Tadalia, there are recommendations to be followed:

  • The strips are thin and begin to dissolve during the contact with a wet surface. Therefore, do not take it with wet hands
  • The strips should be kept in a dry place and in a tightly closed package
  • If you want to take Tadalia during meals, you should chew food, take some water, put the strip on the tongue and wait for 2-3 mins. Then you may take some water and continue eating
  • If you want to take Tadalia during party, do not consume a lot of beverage drinks. Tadalafil may be used with some alcohol. But if you are drunk, the drug may increase nausea and cause vomiting. So control your drinks and do not exceed the allowed dose

A package of Tadalia has a convenient form and may be kept in the pocket or wallet. So, you may have a package in any place, and use it as a chewing gum or strips to refresh your breath.