The Fort Hood Sentinel (2024)

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SIXTY GUNNER Pvt. 2 Arthur
W eatherspoon Co 8th Engr Bn
Photo by Shawn Butler
Pvt. 2 James Madison
Co 8th Engr Bn takes
aim ith a LAW (Light
Anti-tank Weapon) dur-
ing MIGUN training on
Fort Hood.
Cav Country
VHA changes
now in effect
Because of changes in the au-
thorization and computation of
VHA (Variable Housing Allo-
wance) as of Jan. 1 First Team
soldiers will either see a raise or
loss of th money they pre-
viously received.
MOST FIRST Team sol-
iers ho are drawing BAQ
ill see an in re a se in th
■amount of VHA on their Janu-
ary LES” Maj. Monte R. Fel-
lingham division finance offic-
er said adding that the VHA
changes ere ade by Con-
ellingham added “Single
soldiers who may lose VHA are
those receiving BAQ with de-
ts a re ire by
court order to provide support
to those dependents to include
parents of illegitimate or legiti-
ate children plus those who
fall into one of the following
Soldiers in grades E-7 and
abo cu rre tly resid in in
BEQ/BOQ are not entitled to
VHA. Finance will send letters
do inform such soldiers that
VHA will not be awarded for
End of Month (EOM) February
plus a collection for January
VHA will be seen on their LES.
Soldiers in grades E-7 and
above who currently reside off
post will continue to receive
VHA. However if that status
should change they ust notify
their finance officer.
Soldiers in grades E-6 and
below who reside in billets or
other government quarters are
not entitled to VHA.
Soldiers in grades E-6 or be-
low who reside off post are not
entitled to VHA unless they
provide a statement of nona-
ail ail it th a a
approved by their major sub-
ordinate command (MSC) com-
wander and processed through
the post housing office.
ceive a roster of all soldiers in
their unit who are currently
rain BAQ ith
dents. Single soldiers will be
identified and required to fill
out questionnaires. Continued
entitlem ent to VHA for those
sold iers will depend on the
quick completion and return of
these questionnaires.
If you fit into any one of these
.categories contact your unit
PAC or orderly room to com-
plete your questionnaire.
Gyn clinic opens
Fem ale family embers (18 years of age or older) of 1 st Caval-
ry Division soldiers can soon make routine gynecological ex-
am ination appointments at the Monroe Medical Clinic (TMC
#7 Bldg. 31002) according to division surgeon Lt. Col. Jerom
Billingsley. The “special” clinics will be held Wednesday and
Friday afternoons from 1-3:30 p.m. and are open to all eligible
family embers by appointment only. Appointments can be
ade beginning Feb. 4 by calling 287-4341. The care offered
will be routine only to include dispensing of birth control
measures and pelvic examinations. All other problems will be
referred to Darnall Community Hospital. Appointees will be
required to appear 15 minutes prior to their appointments.
Photo by Shawn Butler
stays ready to defend his position dur-
ing recent MIGUN training.
The job of an Army engineer
is certainly not an easy one.
Troopers from the First Team ’s
8th Engr Bn can attest to that.
Along with being expected to
te in rin sk ills
th also in fa try
squad training.
To help instill infantry skills
soldiers from Co 1st platoon
spent two days in the field in
preparation for next onth’s
MIGUN (mechanized infantry
gunnery) qualification. The pla-
toon’s two squads maneuvered
through the MIGUN course in
A rm mored ersonnel arriers
IGUN alificatio in
cludes the same five tables that
in fan try squads co ter”
said Capt. Kurt Nygaard com­
HOME STRETCH Chris Baggot of the 1st Cav’s
Half-Marathon team sweeps past the finish line dur-
ing Fort Benning’s Infantry Marathon Jan. 26.
Thursday Ja a ry 31 1985 THE FT. HOOD SENTINEL -l
8th Engineers conduct
infantry squad training
pany com ander. “There are
four raded rtio of the
MIGUN program a machine
gun proficiency test a squad
proficiency test a crew qualifi-
cation course and a squad qual-
ification test.”
Each squad that engaged the
MIGUN course was armed with
mines bangalore torpedoes .50
caliber and M-60 machine guns
M203 grenade launchers and M-
16 rifles.
SSgt. JAMES Churchill 1st
platoon sergeant directed his
squads through the course. “At
each station we defended our
sector of perim eter. We took the
.50 caliber off the APC and set it
on a tripod. Two troopers went
50 meters down range and laid a
claym ore ine.”
Pvt. 2 John Davidson appre-
ciated the chance to work with
AND THEY’RE OFF Over 800 runners participate ning Ga. 12 of which are from the First Team
in the Army Infantry Half-Marathon at Fort Ben-
Photo by Linda Richardson
MOVE OUT Soldiers of Co 8th pare to take good fighting positions
Engr Bn burst into action and pre- during MIGUN training.
Win 6 awards
Runners excel
in annual race
Several team and individual
trophies were earned by the 1st
Cav ivision’s arathon and
half-m arathon team at this
year’s Army Infantry Marathon
at Fort Benning Ga. Jan. 26.
MORE THAN 1200 runners
57 team in all (nine of which
were civilian) competed in the
Despite temperatures in the
low 40s and a bone-chilling
wind chill factor the division’s
half-marathon team took third
in th overall category and
third in the active duty military
tea ate av
arathon team took third in
the active duty team category
a thin th ra ll
O lym pic-style medals were
also awarded to the top five
finish ers in each age-group
category. Cav arathon runner
the bangalore torpedoes. “For
the past couple of weeks our
platoon spent hours in the clas-
sroom learning how to join dif-
ferent sections of a bangalore.
On the course we encountered
a concertina wire obstacle. Af-
ter alternating sections of the
bangalore tube out to the con-
certina obstacle we moved to a
hasty defensive position.”
“MIGUN training was a con-
fidence booster for the real
thing next onth” Churchill
said. Everyone now know
their job and hat’s expected
of them At th end of th
IG N a lific a tio each
em of a a rtic ip a tin
squad will receive a echa-
nized infantry gunner patch.
We’re proud to be engineers
who can handle them selves on
th a ttle field ” co clu ed
Photo by Shawn Butler
Photo by Linda Richardson
Eric Kramer who finished with
a tim of 2:39 earned a silver
medal in the 15-19 age group
an ich ard lairm ran
away with a fourth-place title in
the 30-35 age group with his
tim of 2:43.2.
arathon runners out of more
than 400 etito rs ere
among the first 30 to cross the
in is in re a
arathoners out of more than
800 were among the first 37 to
break the finish line tape.
The 26.2 mile arathon arid
13.1 half-marathon were run on
a paved relatively flat roadway
described by arathoners as
“fast and scenic.” arathoners
ade two loops of the course
and both races ended in the
Benning stadium. The course
as also certified and sanc-
tioned by The A thletic Con-
(See Marathon Pg. C-3)

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The Fort Hood Sentinel (Temple, Tex.), Vol. 43, No. 38, Ed. 1 Thursday, January 31, 1985,newspaper, January 31, 1985; Temple, Texas. ( May 3, 2024),University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; crediting Casey Memorial Library.

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The Fort Hood Sentinel (2024)


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