Cialis Jelly is a new development of the pharmaceutical industry created for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction. It differs by a long-term action (up to 36 hours) and an unusual medical form. Gel has a lot of benefits before the pills: it acts by 2 times faster, seldom causes a digestion disorder, has pleasant taste and consistency. As to efficiency, Cialis Jelly is not worse than the pills, and that is why it is a recommendable replacement.

Flomax is a medicine for the recovery of the outflow of the urine during the benign prostatic hyperplasia. It does not influence on the size or development of tumor. The main purpose of the use of the drug is to restore a normal outflow of the urine and reduce a risk of the diseases of the kidneys. It reduces the symptoms of the acute disorder of the urine outflow within 2 weeks and favors more effective treatment of the BPH.

Kamagra increases potency for 4-6 hours in case of the sexual disorders. A cheap but effective analogue of Viagra shows nearly 100% result in the treatment of the erectile dysfunction treatment. The use of Kamagra is allowed men at the age of 18 to 65 even if they do not have a sexual dysfunction. This product may be used not only medicinally but also just to diversify intimacy.

Kamagra Effervescent is a drug of the new generation for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction. It has unusual but very effective medical form, so that the active ingredients reach the blood and cause a rush of the blood to the penis. Effervescent tablets have orange flavor, are easy to use and are well tolerated during the every day use.

Kamagra Oral Jelly is more improved option of Kamagra in pills. The drug is produced in the form of jelly, has a good flavor, acts softer and by 2 times faster than the pills. The drug does not cause a digestion disorder, and it may be used even after good dinner. The effect of the drug does not depend on food because the medicine is absorbed in the mouth cavity.

Maxman herbal is the newest product to improve a sexual health of men. It increases potency, treats the premature ejaculation, increases libido within 8-12 weeks. The drug has a good chemical formula, without synthetic products. Only natural ingredients, safe aminoacids. Maxman is not a hormonal product and is absolutely safe for men.

Maxocum is a natural sexual stimulant. It provides a broad action but the main effect consists in the improvement of orgasm and increase of the sperm amount. It does not have side effects, is medically studied and approved, is well tolerated during a long-term application. It really can improve the quality of the seminal fluid and solve many male problems with sex.

Nizagara is a new development of the Indian pharmaceutical industry that is created for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction. The use of the drug helps to return a hard erection and keep high sexual activity. Every pill has a medicinal effect, and therefore the effect may be felt on the first day. Taking Nizagara, an intensive blood circulation in the penis is guaranteed.

Novosil (Viagra Oral Strips) is a safe, fast-acting medicine for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction. It is an analogue of Viagra produced in the form of thin strips (as thin as human hair). These strips are quickly dissolved and cause a blood flow to the penis within 10-15 mins. The have 7 different exotic flavors, and may be used during meals and even refresh breath. It is a good alternative to old Viagra pills.

Priligy is aproved product for the treatment of the premature ejaculation. It has a proved medical base and given good results during the studies. It acts softly and for a long time – 8-12 hours. The drug delays ejaculation by 3-5 times and does not reduce a sensitivity of the penis head. It does not normally have side effects and is allowed for all men.

Silagra guarantees 100% effect in the treatment of the erectile dysfunction. The use of the drug is accompanied by a stable natural reaction to the sexual stimulation. You will have a hard and healthy erection, will have sex within 4-5 hours, will quickly recover your energy after the ejaculation. Silagra is a cheap analogue of Viagra, and therefore this is the optimal medicine for the ED treatment for men with average or low income level.

Silvitra is the strongest and most effective drug for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction because it contains Vardenafil and Sildenafil in the maximal dose. In spite of such various medical formula, Silvitra acts softly and does not cause side effects more often that these ingredients separately. But a unique formula of Silvitra helps to improve the potency and sensations during the sexual intercourse.

Suhagra is a medicine for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction from Cipla company, and works during any forms of impotence. The drug improves an erectile function within 40 minutes and keeps it within 4-5 hours. It is not a panacea for the erectile dysfunction but it effectively copes with the symptoms of the disease and returns a confidence.

Tadalia (Cialis Oral Strips) is oral dissolvable strips for the sublingual use and contains Tadalafil. Every strip contains a daily dose of Tadalafil and stimulates an appearance of erection within 36 hours. This is a fast-dissolving replacement of pills that may be easily kept in the pocket or wallet, and be taken as needed. These strips are dissolved in a minute and start acting in 10-15 mins.

Viagra Oral Jelly is an interesting fast-acting stimulant of the sexual function. This is not pills and not capsules. This is jelly containing the maximal daily dose of Sildenafil and causing a fast erection. The effect appears in 20 mins and lasts for up to 5 hours. Jelly effectively copes with the ED symptoms, and has exotic flavor and is easy to use.

Vigrx is a unique natural product to increase a penis size and sexual desire. This is an extract of the herbal ingredients that cause an improvement of the blood circulation in the penis, and so a hard erection occurs. The product does not have side effects and works in more than 90% of cases. Nowadays, Vigrx does not have analogues.

Vilitra is a highly-quality analogue of Levitra. It contains an active ingredient Vardenafil and has a very soft action. It is the safest product for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction, does not normally cause side effects, and is recommended for men of old age. Vilitra does not increase the arterial pressure and is allowed for the use during pancreatic diabetes. At the same time, it causes a hard and long-term erection.

Weekend Prince is a natural analogue of Viagra that contains natural ingredients. It improves erection, prevents early ejaculation, increases a production of testosterone and increases a tolerance of men during the sexual intimacy. But the most important is that Weekend Prince works in an hour after the first use and guarantees 100% effect.

Yagara is an effective natural product for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction and increase of libido. This herbal complex will improve your sexual health, a reproductive function and make your more tolerance in the bed. In 2 months, your erection will be improved, and a sexual desire will be increased. It is all die to a capsule of Yagara per day.