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We begin in the long hallway again. You can run back into the Cathedral for secret mission 2 or run towards the fountain room halfway through the hall. Phantom, the boss you just fought, chases you down the hallway, so head into the room (unless you want to kill him or start secret mission 3).

Inside the fountain room, use the Pride of Lion on that force field. A mini-boss fight will occur against Shadow.


Shadow - Fairly Easy

When fighting Shadow, just pop your devil trigger and pour on the bullets. Keep dodging as you're shooting, however since Shadow does decent damage.

The Shadow eventually turns into a liquid orb. Attack with Alastor before it transforms back into a Lion. You can bring him down to red status in one go if you're in Devil Trigger mode. Melee attacks are ineffective while Shadow is in Lion Mode and firearms are ineffective while in Liquid Mode.

After it turns red, just dodge for a little while. He will eventually explode. If you does catch you, he will explode with you in his mouth doing over half a lifebar (or more) worth of damage.

After you beat Shadow, head through the newly unlocked door. Jump down to the bottom to find another circular switch similar to the one you saw in Mission 1 to activate an elevator like pillar. Slash away to activate and ride the pillar to the top.

Grab the Death Sentence and go down the steps to enter the double doors. In this bedroom, insert the Death Sentence into the statue next to the mirror. After you grab the Melancholy Soul item that drops, Nelo Angelo will then pop out of the mirror and will head through the doors leading outside.

Nelo Angelo- Hard

After you come outside, if you double jump up, you will go through a hole in the ceiling. If you then double jump up again into a tower, you will find yourself a blue orb. Afterwards, jump down into the plaza area to fight Nelo Angelo. He appears three times in this game, and the last time is harder than the first two, so use this to warm up for the future! His name means "non-angel" in Spanish (Can't say you didn't learn anything from this game).

He has a few attacks, learn them to avoid them. He has a basic Slash/Slash/Double Slash combo, similar to your own, with the timing done right. Just run from this one, as even dodging all four slashes at close range can be really tough. He has a stinger like move, which he usually teleports before. He'll put his sword in a stabbing stance, like the Gotetsu from Kenshin. Then he will charge an insane distance and skewer you if he can.


Roll out of the way, and hack away at him. He will teleport more often than not, so as to catch you unawares. Each time he teleports, be ready to dodge, as he will come out of it with an attack. He has fireballs that he takes a second to charge, and if you can hit him in that second, good for you, you'll disrupt him. If you can't dodge it, it isn't that hard. He also has the upper slash, then the dive slash. This will hit you even in the air, so beware.

To kill him, you have to strike at the right times. Right after he attacks is good. When Devil Trigger is up, go all offense like you did with Phantom. Just be careful when it's not up though.

Don't ever try to hit him after a teleport. He is quite full of himself, and taunts you often. Feel free to fix his face when that happens. He will also prepare for some moves by holding his sword straight up. Hit him while he's doing this, and he'll reel backwards. If you hit him again, he'll be stunned and you can hack at him a bit. Generally just hit and run, guns won't work very well against him and he'll just throw fireballs at you if you're at a distance.

When you damage him enough, he teleports to another spot to continue the fight. If you think you have the patience, you can "chip" Nelo Angelo to death using the pistols by placing Dante so close to the wall that Nelo Angelo's attacks shoot over Dante's head, but Dante's guns can still hit Nelo Angelo. As long as Dante is on a lower plane than Nelo Angelo, you can do this trick. Note that Dante builds Devil Trigger as long as his attacks hit the boss, so you can technically restore all of Dante's life (except in DMD) by using this "chip" trick. Personally I think this is a cheap way to play the game and he isn't impossible to beat if you just play smart.

The mission ends after you beat him.

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Mission 4 - Black Knight - Devil May Cry Guide - IGN (2024)


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