DMC4 demo up on both PSN & LIVE (2024)

Man I was hoping you did one. I been looking forward to see your review.
Eddie I guess your up.

I' m not doing a Burnout impressions thread - doesn' t matter why - but it' d be cool if somebody else did... Eddie maybe???

You got it. I totally missed that, or I would' ve thrown it up with my DMC4 impressions. I' ve had a lot of free time (read as time I should be working, but couldn' t bring myself to actually work).


The style comparable to the earlier games, --I should only say " comparable to three" , as I haven' t played one or two-- and is easily recognizable as Devil May Cry. The environments are very well detailed, and despite not being able to deviate very far from your set path, the game has a depth to it that most on-a-track titles lose. The best way I can explain it is that it is as if you could continue to explore the surrounding area, and that the environment didn' t just stop when your line of sight ends.

As for the environment design itself? Stunning. The The timed portion of the game was reminiscent of the post-war architecture envisioned by Nazi Germany in the 40s, with Greek and Roman influence abound in the style of buildings, gardens, fountains and larger structures. The setting is actually akin to Venice, if with a little more breathing room.

There were certain destructible objects in the game, and while hitting them caused totally over the top and unrealistic destruction, it fits perfectly with the game' s style.

Nero' s animations are smooth and very stylized, but I do feel that more time could have been spent with his actions in the air. I found myself using the jump button less and less as the demo progressed.

The game ran so far as I could tell, at a consistent 60 frames per second. While I do notice framerate changes and can spot them pretty consistently pretty well, someone like Joe would be far better suited to tell you all if they occurred on a regular basis. Either way, I didn' t notice one bit, and if it did it never went below 30 (when I really start to notice).

Nothing in particular really stood out as better than something else on the market currently, but the art direction and compilation of all of the different elements was far more cohesive than any game this generation.


Not much to say here, I frankly didn' t pay a lot of attention. There are a couple notes to make though.The voice acting isn' t as bad as I thought it would be, although Nero' s exclamations get a little irritating at times, if only because I' m not sure what he' s saying, not being the usual grunt or ki-ai. The music is oddly appealing, but I know next to nothing about it. Anybody tell me if that' s a band used for the game, or if that' s just a trippy soundtrack?


Nitro' s already covered the actual mechanics themselves, so I won' t delve into what' s already been covered. In a few words, it' s hack & slash gameplay at it' s finest. It' s a more refined God of War, and while it appears they' ve excluded a lot of the more complex gameplay elements, it was just enough to get me thoroughly excited about the full version. The two segments they provided in the demo were different in nature, and despite not understanding why the one was timed, and the other not, I enjoyed them both (though the timed one a little more).


The game' s controls are tight, far tighter than I expected from the 360' s pad. They may not shine a light on DualShock, but hey, ignorance is bliss right?

Bottom Line
From what I' ve played, the high expectations of the game have been met, and exceeded. Despite a few nitpickings on my behalf on the aerial combat, this is a must-buy for anybody who enjoys action titles of any variety.


Stop reading my review.

Go play the demo.

Do it now.

DMC4 demo up on both PSN & LIVE (2024)


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