'DMC 5' Secret Mission Locations (2024)

Through the story of Devil May Cry 5, players will come across side missions that offer up some neat detours on your journey.

These Secret Missions are marked by pentagrams found lying around certain areas of stages that players need to line up to activate. Once you've found a glowing red beacon, turn the camera around to find one half of a pentagram. Keep moving the camera until you find the second half of the pentagram and line it up. This will activate the Secret Mission.

Whether it's a time trial to see how fast you can take out demons or maintaining your rank, the Secret Mission in Devil May Cry 5 will test the skills you've learned as Nero, V and Dante.

For your trouble, you'll receive a Blue Orb for completing each Secret Mission which increases your Vitality. This will come in handy, especially toward the end game. But don't worry if you can't complete the Secret Mission when you first find it, as long as you activate it you can always go to the main menu and select the quest from there.

There are 12 Secret Missions in total in Devil May Cry 5. Here's all their locations.

'DMC 5' Secret Mission Locations (1)

DEVIL MAY CRY 5 SECRET MISSION 1 (Found in Mission 2)

The first Secret Mission is pretty easy to find. As you make your way inside of the decrepit building of Mission 2 you'll be taught about the Nidhogg Hatchlings. After completing the puzzle using the Hatchling,tentacle vines force you into a bedroom.

Once you enter the bedroom the game will stop to teach you about Secret Missions and show you where it is and how to activate it. Find the red beacon near the bed and turn your camera until you line up the pentagram.

DEVIL MAY CRY 5 SECRET MISSION 2 (Found in Mission 3)

About halfway through the Mission, you'll need to use Nero's zip wire ability to hop into a sewer. You'll eventually see roots blocking a door with an exit sign. Destroy the roots and then walk into this room and go to the bottom floor DO NOT go up. Once you've reached the bottom floor, look up to find the pentagram.

DEVIL MAY CRY 5 SECRET MISSION 3 (Found in Mission 4)

Playing as V there's a point in the Mission where you'll find yourself in a fight with demons. Locate a wall covered in a skeleton mural and stand in front of it. Summon Nightmare so it breaks through and follow the path made until you find a Nidhogg Hatchling. Go back and take the left path past the mural building and on the left at the end of the path unlock the door using the Hatchling. Follow this new patch until you find the red beacon to line up the pentagram.

DEVIL MAY CRY 5 SECRET MISSION 4 (Found in Mission 5)

In the sewers, you'll fight some tendrils in a construction site. After defeating the second tendril, there will be a wall of poles and boxes. Summon Nightmare to break through and open up a path to a yellow staircase where an Empusa lies. Head up the staircase until you find the red beacon.

DEVIL MAY CRY 5 SECRET MISSION 5 (Found in Mission 8)

Mission 8 has lava streams that flow upwards and boulders that act as platforms. On the second stream you come across, there will be an optional platform on the right as you make your way up. You'll see an optional Devil Breaker lying on the platform you need to go to.

Once on this platform, look around for a floating robot. Shoot it and to zip wire across. There will be a second zip wire robot in mid-air so swing from the first to the second and onto another platform. The red beacon should be there.

DEVIL MAY CRY 5 SECRET MISSION 6 (Found in Mission 9)

Making your way through the level, you'll find a thorn-covered door with an orb fragment on the other side. Stand near the door and call on your buddy, Nightmare to break through and open up a room. Walk towards the back wall and turn around when you're on top of the red beacon to find the pentagram.

DEVIL MAY CRY 5 SECRET MISSION 7 (Found in Mission 10)

This time you're Dante and during this mission you'll see your first Flaming Hellbat. After defeating it, there will be two doors that have tendrils on them. Go through the one on the right and follow the path upwards. There will be a platform where the red beacon lies, and you can find the pentagram if you turn around.

DEVIL MAY CRY 5 SECRET MISSION 8 (Found in Mission 11)

Dante will jump down a hole to enter some ruins in Mission 11, destroy the red tendrils holding Red Orbs that allow you to go down further, but DO NOT go down, jump your way back up to the platform that got you to this area. There should be a platform with the red beacon where you can jump to and find the pentagram.

DEVIL MAY CRY 5 SECRET MISSION 9 (Found in Mission 12)

This mission has a bit of a puzzle in it. There's a statue in the middle of the stage that has four pools that you need to fill up with blood. After completing this puzzle, go down the hold that opens as you walk down some stairs. However, here is where the pentagram is.

The best method to activate this Secret Mission is to turn on the Trickster style, turn around and jump dash towards a platform behind you. The red beacon should be here and you'll have your chance to activate the pentagram.

DEVIL MAY CRY 5 SECRET MISSION 10 (Found in Mission 13)

You'll have to defeat three bosses in this mission, but once you have escaped the dark zone you'll find a tree root that is impeding your progress. Break it and go forward. However, the camera will face forward, but you can turn around and step on the red beacon to find the pentagram above.

DEVIL MAY CRY 5 SECRET MISSION 11 (Found in Mission 15)

In this mission, you'll find your first Divinity Statue. Walk behind it and you'll see a track of Red Orbs that you can skateboard using Nero's Punch Ling Devil Breaker. Ride your Devil Breaker across the track until you hit the back wall. Ride up the wall until you find the red beacon. Stand on it and look behind you to see the pentagram on the opposite wall.

DEVIL MAY CRY 5 SECRET MISSION 12 (Found in Mission 16)

After the third demon horde battle, you'll reach a shaft with a large platform and a smaller one below it. Drop down to the small platform and look across until you see another small platform with a Red Orb Cluster on the left.

You'll need to jump across to this platform using the upgraded Trickster ability. But once you've reached this ledge, drop down to another ledge to find the red beacon and the pentagram on the opposite wall.

Devil May Cry 5 is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Have you found all the Secret Missions yet? How are you enjoying the game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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'DMC 5' Secret Mission Locations (2024)


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