DMC 5 All Secret Missions Guide (2024)

Secret missions are the key to a highly successful DMC run

It’s no secret that a lot of us love easter eggs. We love getting into every nook and cranny of a video game and discover things that are otherwise hidden. This is the beauty of DMC 5’s Secret Missions.

They have been a staple in almost every DMC game. Usually, the player is tasked with looking for hidden areas that unlock secret missions that grant a special reward. These either get the player to defeat enemies in record time, or collect several orbs extremely fast.

But people still get frustrated since it is difficult to find and complete them (I know I was). So here is a complete guide to solving all of your secret mission-related problems!

1. Qliphoth Secret Mission | Main Mission: 2

Clearing secret mission 1

This first secret mission can be found in Main Mission number 2. You can’t miss it since it’s right at the start of the game during the tutorial! The insignia for secret missions pops out immediately in front of Nero’s face.

The main objective of this mission is to defeat all the enemies in the room while going against the clock. The main advice I’m giving is to kill these enemies as fast and as stylish as you can. This secret mission is best on the human difficulty, but if you are more experienced, you can definitely get it done in record time on any difficulty.

Since it is the first mission, the time is a bit more lenient, meaning, you can be as stylish as you want, just be aware of the ticking clock!

2. Flying Hunter Secret Mission | Main Mission: 3

Getting through the second secret mission

The second secret mission on our guide is the one you can find on Main Mission 3. It involves the thickest enemies known as the Red Empusa. The main objective here is to not let any of them escape.

The whole mission revolves around having a sharp eye and very buff thumbs. To be successful with this mission, make sure to stack up on the Overture Devil Breakers. If you have others equipped, it’s time to let go and pick up those sleek blue breakers.

The Red Empusas are generally walking around the area trying to kill you, so get as close as possible and spam the Palm Strike skill of the Overture. This will make sure you’re dealing the most damage in the least amount of time possible.

You’ll be getting tonnes and tonnes of red orbs, large amounts of style points, and even a front-row seat to the large rompers these enemies have.

3. V’s Secret Mission | Main Mission: 4

V's very first secret mission: completed

Most people believe the third time’s a charm. Well, I’m here to let you know that that might not be completely true. For this third mission, you have to get organized. As you stylishly walk around the place as emo Shakespeare, I mean William Blake, you also have to keep an eye out.

The main objective of this mission is to collect all the orbs in the area under a time limit. Once you enter the secret mission insignia, you have to walk a bit. You will then be greeted by a few enemies which you can dispose of fairly quickly when you activate V’s Devil Trigger.

Although, it might take a while to get to the blue orb fragments since they’re placed in some of the most secretive places. For one, you have to keep your eyes peeled for a run-down structure with stairs going up. This will contain the first blue orb fragment.

The second one is, you guessed it, given when you complete this secret mission. So gear up and get your best glasses ready!

4. Devil Sword Sparda Secret Mission | Main Mission: 5

Completing secret mission 5

Next up is Main Mission 5’s secret mission. This one needs a little bit of preparation before going on the actual mission. But first off, the objective of this mission is to kill all the enemies without getting hit.

Some of the most skilled players do this without a hitch. Just be warned though, the clock is ticking down, so do your best and get your best dancing pants out. You’re going to be in for a treat.

Now there is one very special way to go about this mission. This is by buying the skill “Promotion” for Nightmare so you can mount him. This is a great way to make sure the enemies won’t be able to touch you.

But as an extra precaution, just make sure to stick your face as close to the TV to be 100% sure that no enemies can sniff you!

5. Demon King Secret Mission | Main Mission: 8

Secret mission alongside taking down the Demon King

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be Spider-Man? Well, now you can live this dream vicariously through our favorite Deadweight. In this secret mission, the main objective is to get to the other side of the entire hallway without touching the ground.

To find the secret mission, you have to follow the platform you’re currently standing on to the very top. There, you have to look for a grassy overhang. As soon as you get to that grassy platform, you can find the big bright red insignia, and enter the secret mission.

Make sure you have Air Hike for some added air time. Once you have that out of the way, you can start by using wire snatch to send you gliding through the air. As you jump onto the next “hook”, shoot it and continue to grapple them. Also, remember to use double jump to properly position yourself so you don’t have to repeat the whole mission.

Once you have the momentum down, you’ll be soaring through the air in no time!

6. Genesis Secret Mission | Main Mission: 9

Clearing secret mission 9

Halfway through the secret missions, we have the Genesis secret mission found in Main Mission 9. To find this mission, you really have to rack your brains. But that’s why I’m here - to help you rack your brain!

Before you get on with the main mission, make sure to upgrade Griffon and Shadow’s skills. These will come in handy later on in quickly clearing some of the peskier areas.

As V, you’ll get to a courtyard in the back alley that is blocked off by Qliphoth roots. All you have to do is look at the very center of these roots and summon Nightmare. He’ll fall on the roots, releasing them, and unlocking the area.

The main objective is to eliminate the enemies in 20 seconds or less. You can definitely get this down as quickly as possible once Griffon and Shadow are close to fully upgraded. All you have to do is sit back and watch them take out those demons.

7. Awaken Secret Mission | Main Mission: 10

7th secret mission finally cleared

The seventh secret mission can be found in Main Mission 10. To find this secret mission, you have to choose between 2-timed doors. Before you can go through them, you have to take down a few enemies with the Queen Red Empusa being one. Quickly, yet stylishly take them down and go through the right door.

Now the main objective of this mission is a doozy. It’s so enemy-specific that you might not even know what hit you. With that being said, mastering this one mission can definitely help in the long run, especially when you’re faced with the same type of enemy.

The enemy you have to fight is a Death Scissor - one of the most annoying enemies in the entire franchise. To complete this mission, you have to find its weak spot and take it down with a single shot.

Make sure you have Balrog equipped for this. Once you do, engage the Death Scissor, lock on him, and parry all of his attacks. Precision and patience are key. As you keep parrying, his defenses open up, allowing you to take the shot.

Once he’s completely exposed, take the shot and claim your prize!

8. Reason Secret Mission | Main Mission: 11

Guide to completing secret mission 8

Next, we have the secret mission in Main Mission 11. This is another Dante mission that takes a bit of a keen eye. To find it, you have to be standing in the area with a checkerboard floor. Drop down to the broken area and take out the clots. After you get that done, the roots will release, revealing a new path and the insignia.

All you have to do to succeed is go completely ham and keep the S Rank up. It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you’re fast and stylish.

Make Dante look good while keeping your cool under pressure!

9. Yamato Secret Mission | Main Mission: 12

A guide to clearing out the Yamato secret mission

I know, I keep saying keep an eye out whenever you’re doing and looking for these missions, but that stands even truer for this secret mission. There aren't a bunch of Qliphoth roots you can just take down to reveal the path.

To locate this secret mission, you really have to think outside the box. Follow the path and take out the clots to reveal another pathway as well as a short cutscene. Go back to where you came from and fall into the fountain area. This opens up another area which you have to follow.

As you go through the sandy path, you will hear Dante’s sultry voice saying being there brings back a whole lot of memories. I’m looking at you DMC veterans.

When you enter the doorway after the sandy path, turn and jump onto the platform. This will reveal the secret mission. Its main objective is to stay in the air until time runs out.

There are two ways I can recommend to complete this mission. The first is picking up the skill Enemy Step. Once they start spawning, just do your trusty double jump, and continue to execute Enemy Step until time runs out.

The second way is much easier. Get the beautiful Cavaliere and spam its combos while in the air. This will definitely keep you afloat. Ironic, considering it’s a hulking motorcycle.

10. V’s Diverging Point Secret Mission | Main Mission: 14

A guide to completing one of V's most complicated missions

As we get closer to the end of the game’s main missions, the secret missions definitely get more secretive and complicated. For V’s version of this secret mission, you simply have to follow a path going downwards.

As the path continues to descend, you will come across a fork in the road. Keep going left until you have to jump off the ledge. Once you do that, destroy the blood clots and go to the area directly behind where V ends up. This will reveal the secret mission.

No, the primary objective of the mission isn’t to survive anymore. As V, you have to get to the other side of the platform without touching the ground. Again, like the last mission, there are two ways to go about this.

The first way is by actually putting effort into it. You have to jump, do three attacks in the air, use V’s cane skill called Gambit (which teleports him), and gracefully end by gliding across with Griffon. Trust me, even seasoned ballerinas were scared by V’s finesse here.

The second approach is a bit more direct and much easier to execute. Once again, have Nightmare’s Promotion skill ready, and make sure he’s ready to ride. Mount the big fella and stomp your way to victory.

11. Nero’s Diverging Point Secret Mission | Main Mission: 15

Nero finally gets yet another secret mission and completes it

Can you believe we’re almost done with the game? Oh, and the secret missions too, I guess. The 11th secret mission is by far, the most tedious one. To even find the insignia, would take far too many minutes.

Bare with me, since this is going to take a while to explain. To find this secret mission, you have to wire snatch across the platform in front of you and make your way behind the Statue of Divinity. A short cutscene will play showing you the exact path you have to be on to get to the secret mission.

First things first, make sure our lovely green flower-motif Devil Breaker is equipped. I mean Gerbera of course. Make sure to have spares as well, since you never know what’s going to happen.

Once you have the gorgeous green Devil Breaker on, use it to propel yourself through the paths following the red orb trees. You’ll get to a platform with a stunning blue orb fragment just waiting for you. Then, fall down to the path directly below the blue orb and stare at the insignia. Getting here might take a while, so sit down, relax, and bring out your best bottle of wine.

Double jump to the final platform and use Gerbera to get to the end of the path where you can collect another stunning blue orb fragment.

12. Dante’s Diverging Point Secret Mission | Main Mission: 16

Completing one of Dante's secret missions out of about a thousand in the franchise

The final secret mission is in Main Mission 16, almost at the end of the main storyline. They really wanted you to finish these secret missions with a bang, so the developers made sure you’d have a difficult time getting there.

Finding the insignia will really test your patience. There’s a lot of dropping down and turning around that I’m sure not all of us enjoy. Nonetheless, getting through all of this and setting your sights on a blue orb is definitely something worth fighting for.

To start off, you have to make a choice between jumping down and going across. Make sure to jump down. Then, jump down again to the lowest area, walk toward the area with a white and red orb and walk through the archway. Take down the lizards, go through the small cove, and once again jump down to the lower level. Once you’re there, take down the bats there, jump down once again andlook for a white orb.

Are you still with me? Well, let’s keep going. When you get to the white orb, this will lead you to a red orb tree, where you have to use a trickster to the opposite platform. Jump down one last time to the glowing area to FINALLY activate the mission.

Similar to the old red orb glitch, you have to call the inner Dante Jackson with the Dr. Faust hat. Equip the hat, go into the Gunslinger style, and do the G stance. Lock on to the pesky enemies, and spam the shoot button. This will get you both lots of red orbs, and finally completing all of the secret missions!

You’ll finally get a Secrets Exposed Trophy, which should make you feel like one darn good spy.

I know it might be a bit tedious to get through all of these, but rest assured you’d feel a rush of pride after completing them all.

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