Devil May Cry 5: Secret Mission 7 Location And Guide (2024)

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For as difficult as Devil May Cry 5 is, the secret missions will push you to accomplish tasks that might seem impossible at first. These range from maintaining a style rank of S, reaching a goal without touching the ground, and killing a set number of demons within a time limit.

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Secret Mission 7, however, is unlike any other. It's not easy to find, and once you do it, it may lead you to dozens of fruitless attempts due to its requisite. Don't let your frustration get any bigger by following our guide and learning where to find and how to complete Secret Mission 7.

Update on Abril 5, 2023, by Axel Bosso: It seems like you're still having trouble with Secret Mission 7 in DMC 5 after all these years. We get it. It's one of the most difficult tasks in the whole game, and it's simple to miss where it is completely. That's why we have updated this guide, keeping it fresh with our current style and formatting.

Secret Mission 7 Location

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Before even worrying about the objective of the secret mission, you need to get there first. Either progress through the game or load Mission 10: Awaken, where you first play as Dante. This mission has a bunch of timed doors, but you're looking for a very specific one to find the secret mission.

As you make progress through the level, the timed doors will always appear one at a time. At one point, though, you will come to a room where two of these doors will appear, one on the left and the other on the right. Quickly style on the demons that spawn, including Hellbats and a dangerous Empusa Queen, to unlock the doors in time.

If you don't manage to beat all the creatures in time, don't worry. You can try this as many times as you need by resetting your checkpoint.

When you're done with the enemies, choose the one on the right (the one without any Red Orbs beyond it).

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Jump up the path here and go through the tunnel all the way to the top. Reach the slightly raised platform in the middle of the room inside the glowing red light. Then pan the camera upward to see the markings for the Secret Mission and you're ready to begin.

How To Complete Secret Mission 7

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The objective of this Secret Mission reads: "Aim for their weak point and take them down with a single bullet." The "them" referenced here will be the Death Scissors, which you will need to find a way to kill with, you guessed it, a single bullet.

The entire task is in fact a reference to a secret technique from the original Devil May Cry where, if you timed a shot perfectly, you could kill one of these incredibly annoying enemies with a single blast to the head. This technique returns in DMC 5, however, it was never a requirement until this Secret Mission.

The key here is that you only get one bullet, but can, and should, attack with your melee strikes. The Death Scissors will block your combos, but hitting them enough will eventually cause them to break. Once this happens, the Death Scissors' head will glow red. This is your cue to fire that single shot and take it out for good.

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Another option, if you're feeling confident enough to show off like Dante would, is to go for the parry. If you bait out an attack or throw out a taunt (if you're really feeling spicy) and perfectly parry it with a strike of your own, the Death Scissors will instantly go into the state where you can one-shot kill it.

Whichever technique you go for, just remember you only have 30 seconds to get it done, so don't hesitate to pull your (Devil) trigger. If all goes to plan, you should clear this mission in no time. Your reward is a Blue Orb Fragment, four of which is a permanent increase to your total vitality.

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Devil May Cry 5: Secret Mission 7 Location And Guide (2024)


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