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Secret Missions are back in Devil May Cry 5. Here's where to find them all and earn some precious Blue Orb Fragments.

Secret Missions are a long-standing tradition of the Devil May Cry series. They’ve been around since the first game, and they’re not about to go away. Here, I’ll explain where to find all the Secret Missions, and provide a few quick tips to help you complete them.

Secret Missions are basically bonus challenges you can take-on — you’ll have to defeat enemies without getting hit, keep a consistent S rank, glide without touching the ground, and plenty of other weird tasks. For completing Secret Missions, you’ll earn Blue Orb Fragments. Find four Fragments, and your vitality meter will increase.

You’ll also earn a bunch of red orbs. There are 12 Secret Missions total in Devil May Cry 5, and finding them requires a little bit of extra work. You can’t just uncover the portal, you need to find a marker, then line up your vision to view a semi-hidden symbol printed somewhere in the environment. It sounds tricky, but if you can find the marker, the rest of your job is easy.

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How To Beat Every Secret Mission | Locations Guide

After located a Secret Mission, it becomes available from the main menu. You can replay it at any time if you didn’t finish it.

Mission 02

  • Secret Mission #1:Find the secret mission after placing the hatchling. Ahead, you’ll enter a room with a Secret Mission tutorial. The secret mission image is imprinted on the wall in the room.
    • Mission: Eliminate All Of The Demons
    • No tricks here. Just defeat all the enemies as they appear. You can take damage and still complete this.

Mission 03

  • Secret Mission #2:In the underground, drop down to the bottom floor of the stairwell and step into the doorway. From here, look up at the stairs.
    • Mission: Don’t Let Any Red Empusa Escape
    • Upgrade your weapons and use Nero’s gun / grapple to zip to the fleeing enemies. There are three waves — 1 Empusa, 2 Empusa, and 3 Empusa will spawn. Clear them out before any escape.
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Mission 04

  • Secret Mission #3:After using a hatchling, you’ll enter a small interior and exit through a broken wall. Stop at the broken wall and look straight ahead to enter the Secret Mission. This is right as you hear a demon ordering his minions to hurry up.
    • Mission: Collect All Of The Red Orbs
    • You have a short amount of time. Start by collecting the floating orbs — glide on Griffon — and then smash your way through the rest of the room to get the rest. You don’t have to be perfect, just be quick.

Mission 05

  • Secret Mission #4: In the warehouse, summon your giant friend to smash through the barrier past the containers. Climb the yellow stairs with red orbs to reach the Secret Mission spot, and look slightly down / left to spot the symbol.
    • Mission: kill All Demons Without Injury
    • Immediately summon Nightmare and just unleash everything you’ve got on the demons that appear. You’re using V, so you can simply avoid combat as much as possible. Helps to have more Devil Trigger meter.

Mission 08

  • Secret Mission #5: At the lava lift, ride up and look for an optional platform on the right. Jump off the lift, and then grapple up to an optional room. The Secret Mission marker is in the center. The symbol is above you.
    • Mission: Get To The Goal Without Touching The Ground
    • One of the trickier missions. You need to use Nero’s grapple to cross the area. Shoot each grapple point and then grapple — when you reach the center, the grapple points will start to move. Wait a beat and let them move before grappling. This one takes some practice, but no special moves or abilities are required.
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Mission 09

  • Secret Mission #6: Near the start of the mission, look to the left of the main path for an optional area blocked by vines. Summon your big bruiser to clear the vines and access a blue fragment. In this same area, climb up the platforms in the back and turn toward the entrance door.
    • Mission: Eliminate All Demons In 20 Seconds Or Less
    • Don’t summon Nightmare here. Instead, just unleash your Devil Trigger enhanced abilities with Griffon and Panther. Alone, they can wipe the floor with the demons in 20 seconds.

Mission 10

  • Secret Mission #7:Go through another pulsating door later in the mission and follow the path to the end. There’s a Secret Mission marker in the dead end room. Look to the ceiling.
    • Mission: Aim For The Weak Point And Take Them Down With A Single Bullet
    • To make the Sin Scissor’s weak spot appear, you need to destroy the scissors. Use ground-based attacks when the Sin Scissors is not attacking and it will guard. Keep attacking until the scissors breaks. Wait a beat for the enemy to recover, then attack again. When the scissors are broken, a red spot will appear — shoot it to end the battle. It should only take about 10 seconds.

Mission 11

  • Secret Mission #8:Early in the mission, you’ll lower a section of the building after breaking a vine source. Instead of going down, go back up and jump into the new room that’s accessible above you. Look straight forward at the Secret Mission marker.
    • Mission: Maintain An S Stylish Rank
    • Not too tricky. You just need to avoid getting hit. Trickster is very useful hear. Launch enemies and continue to attack in the air where they can’t get you. Take them out one-at-a-time and use Devil Trigger early — when Devil Trigger is active, you lose way less Stylish score when you take damage.

Mission 12

  • Secret Mission #9:Once you unlock the secret path at the statue courtyard, drop down and climb the steps ahead. Turn around at the top of the steps to spot an optional ledge with the Secret Mission marker. You’ll need Trickster Style equipped to reach it.
    • Mission: Stay In The Air For 15 Seconds
    • Equip Cavalier and attack mid-air to glide. Start by wall-jumping behind your spawn point, dashing, and just swiping the air with Cavalier. Target an enemy below you when you’re close to the ground — attacking an enemy with Cavalier will keep you mid-air.
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Mission 14

  • Secret Mission #10:Down a pathway, look to the left for a red bulb vine source. Destroy the bulbs to clear the vine, then continue past the bulbs to find a hidden Secret Mission marker.
    • Mission: Get To The Goal Without Touching The Ground
    • To reach the goal, you’ll need to do three things. Mid-air attack with your staff, perform a shadow-step staff strike, and glide on Griffon. Do all three, and you’ll make it.

Mission 15

  • Secret Mission #11:At the first customization statue, get the Gerbera and equip it. Go past the statue, then go left, using the Gerbera special ability to stay airborne and climb the slippery slopes. Climb up three steep slopes to find the Secret Mission marker.
    • Mission: Head Straight For The Goal
    • Very simple. Run it once to learn the path, and you’ll be able to make it easily. Equip the Gerbera and use the air-dash to make it even easier. You don’t have to be perfect at all.

Mission 16

  • Secret Mission #12:In the third vertical shaft, look for a platform with a red orb tree — there’s an entrance to an optional path here. Look for an alcove below in the next room. That’s where you’ll find the Secret Mission marker.
    • Mission: Collect A Set Amount Of Red Orbs
    • To get enough Red Orbs, you’ll need the Dr. Faust Lvl 3 upgrade. Purchase that, and then spam Gunslinger Mode long-range attacks to earn enough Red Orbs.


Devil May Cry 5: How To Beat Every Secret Mission | Locations Guide - Gameranx (2024)


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