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General description

Weekend Prince is one of the most interesting stimulants of the sexual function in men. This is one of the competitors to Viagra and contains only vegetable ingredients and does not normally cause side effects.

The product is developed for the treatment of the main sexual dysfunctions in men: erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Taking gel capsules, a man has a hard erection, and a sexual intercourse lasts by 2-3 times longer than usually.

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Weekend Prince is promoted as the safest analogue of Viagra. However, its pharmacological action slightly differs. The following active ingredients edits this product: Lycium Fruit Extract, Chinese Yam Rhizome Extract, Rhodiola Rhizome Extract, Tribulus, Cnidium Fruit Extract, Pria Sclerotium Extract, Cordyceps, Maca Root Extact, Cnidium, Extract, Zanthoparmelia Scabrosa Extact, Ginkgo biloba.

Every of this ingredient has a natural origin and works for the improvement of the sexual health of a man. For example, Tribulus stimulates a natural synthesis of testosterone; Ginkgo biloba improves the blood circulation in the blood vessels; Cnidium Fruit Extract increases a production of the nitrogen oxide and maintains a sexual function. In combination, the ingredients implement each other, so that the maximal effect is achieved.

Many people think that medical products developed on the basis of the pharmacological ingredients are stronger than the natural ones. But Weekend Prince is a unique product which may compete any medicine on the market.

The matter is that Weekend Prince gives a fast effect. It acts after the first application. A man feels the blood flow to the penis within 1-2 hours after the use of the pill. And if the man has sex at this time, the erection is improved. The herbal products usually start working in 1-2 months. But if you take Weekend Prince, you will see the effect at once.

Moreover, some of the plants have a relaxing effect, improve mood, and due to this the onset of ejaculation slows. The manufacturers advertise Weekend Prince only ad a product for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction but men tell about a stronger effect. Having read the reviews on the Internet, we can make a conclusion that the everyday use of the product significantly prolongs the sexual intercourses and improves the work of the urinary system.

There are even some reviews about Weekend Prince that confirm the efficiency of this product during the prophylaxis and treatment of prostatitis.

Recommendations for the use

Weekend Prince has a fast-acting and prolonged effect. If you are going to have a sexual activity and you need a help, you should take a pill 40 minutes before having sex. The pill is completely dissolved in the stomach within 30-40 mins and starts acting. At first, you will feel a weak effect but it is going to grow and the peak will appear in 2-3 hours.  

The action of a pill of Weekend Prince lasts for 12 hours. In 5-6 hours the effect drops but all processes go naturally, and therefore you will have sex as usually.

The pills of Weekend Prince are used with a glass of water. Food does not affect the efficiency of the drug, and therefore you may take the pills even after a consumption of fatty food. And if you took the pill, do not consume alcohol. These herbal ingredients dot not interact with ethanol but alcohol may slightly reduce the effect due to the action on the central nervous system.

Weekend Prince may be used every day within several months and even a year. If you feel good and a positive effect, you may use a pill every day and improve your sexual health. But if you have chronic diseases of heart, blood vessels, or other organs, consult a doctor. Some herbal products may cause a stimulating action, so that men may have high blood pressure. Therefore, it will be better if you inform your cardiologist about the use of Weekend Prince.