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General description  

Suhagra is a quality Indian analogue of Viagra. A pharmaceutical company Cipla regularly brightens with new products, and Suhagra is one of these new products. Suhagra contains an active ingredient Sildenafil citrate that is approved by FDA and is popular all over the world. This active ingredient is responsible for the appearance of a hard and prolonged erection. It happens by means of the increase of the natural physiological processes happening during the sexual agitation.

It is not a secret that erection appears when penis gets more amount of blood. Due to different diseases, this process may be affected. An insufficient filling of the cavernous bodies leads to a weak potency or a complete absence of the erection. Therefore, the action of Suhagra is directed at the dilation of the blood vessels, and the man gets more blood in the penis and the high blood pressure in maintained there.

Many people think that Suhagra is a sexual stimulant. It is not right. Sildenafil does not influence on a sexual desire and sexual drive. Even if you take the maximal dose, you will not experience any changes. You will have erection only during sexual stimulation. This way, a man will not have an uncontrollable erection that may appear at any time and in any place.  

Suhagra is a so-called replica of Viagra and is produced in accordance with analogical chemical formula, has the same mechanism of the action and the same final effect. A cost of Generic is lower because a manufacturer of this drug is Cipla that has a good marketing policy and does not spend million sums on the promotion of their brand. Men with any income level may regularly use products to improve potency and avoid discomfort because of the inability to have a sexual intercourse.

Recommendations for the use

Suhagra is produced in oval pills of blue color. They look like original Viagra pills. The drug is recommended men over 18 years old. If you are under that age, the use of the drug is not recommended. Moreover, there are restrictions for the use of Suhagra in men over 65 years old.

Every pill contains the maximal daily dose of sildenafil 100 mg. Most men who take 100 mg of Suhagra per day do not experience side effects. But some men have negative symptoms such as headache dizziness, pain in back or high blood pressure.

In case of the side effects, the use of the maximal dose is pointless, and therefore the pill may be divided into 2 equal parts. Every half of the pill contains just 50 mg of Sildenafil. Using this dose does not normally cause any side effects.

The use of Suhagra should be once per day, regardless of a daily dose. Sildenafil is excreted from the body within 24 hours, and therefore more frequent use of the drug may cause its accumulation in the blood and development of the side effects. 

Aged men over 65 years old should take 50 mg once in 2 days. It will reduce a load on the cardiovascular system and reduce a risk of the increase of the arterial pressure.

Bear in mind that the drug acts not at once after the use of a pill of Suhagra. If you take the medicine on an empty stomach, 40 minutes are needed for the beginning of the action. If you take the medicine after meals, the action starts in 1,5 hours. Take the pill with water for better digestion. Half a glass of clear water will be enough.

Do not use milk for these purposes. It has ingredients that may slow the absorption of Sildenafil in the blood, so that you cannot have erection in time.

Do not consume beverage drinks for at least 12 hours after the use of the pill. The interaction of Sildenafil with ethanol may cause side effects.

Do not take medicines containing nitrates or nitrogen oxide within a day after the use of the drug.