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General description

Priligy is a medical product created to control ejaculation. It has an active ingredient Dapoxetine which prevents early ejaculation and improves the quality of the sexual activity.

A premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual diseases in men. A bad control of the ejaculation has many consequences. There are two stages of the disease:

Buy Priligy Online

  • First stage – ejaculation occurs in 1-2 mins after the beginning of the sexual intercourse
  • Second stage – ejaculation occurs before the beginning of the sexual intercourse, at the moment of the sexual arousal

One of the causes of this sexual disorder is a high innervation of the penis head, so that the brain receives signals during the slight sexual stimulation, and ejaculation occurs. Priligy is specially developed in order to slow the onset of ejaculation and maximally prolong a sexual activity without losing any sensations. Most products used for the treatment of this disease just reduce a sensitivity of the penis. Yes, it helps to keep down the ejaculation but a man does not have any satisfaction. Sex turns into a mechanical action.  

Priligy has a unique action. Its active ingredient Dapoxetine is a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. The antidepressants have the same action. The increase of serotonin level reduces tension, fear to fail, anxiety, and inhibits a self-doubt. A man may relax and have a satisfaction. 

But the main action happens in the central nervous system. Even during the intensive sexual stimulation, a movement of the signals from the nerve endings of the penis slows. At the same time, a man has the same sensations. The brain just receives it with delay. It happens quickly, so that it cannot be noticed but due to these physiological processes, a sexual intercourse may last by 4-5 times longer. So, a man can control the onset of the ejaculation.

Moreover, the action of Dapoxetine grows after every ejaculation, and as a result, the longer your sexual intercourse lasts, the longer you will control the process of ejaculation. Bear in mind that the increase of serotonin increases sensations during orgasm, and therefore you will get the maximal satisfaction and a good mood with Priligy.

Recommendations for the use

Priligy has a convenient form. It is produced in tablets for the oral use. You may take a tablet. No need to use cream, gel, injections, or other products which should be applied every 30 mins on the penis.

The action of every tablet lasts for 8 to 12 hours regardless of a dose. Therefore, you may take Priligy beforehand, and you will be ready in time.

The Priligy tablet contains 30 mg or 60 mg of Dapoxetine. You should select a dose. The maximal daily dose 60 mg acts well and helps even during the severest forms of the premature ejaculation. But if you experience any side effects, it is recommended to take 30 mg.

The tablet of Priligy is swallowed with a glass of water. If the tablet is used on an empty stomach, the action begins in an hour. If the medicine is used after meals, the action begins in 1,5 hours. Pay attention to this. 

Even if you are confident in your body, do not take Priligy with alcohol. The action of Dapoxetine on the central nervous system grows during the interaction with alcohol, and therefore it is rather difficult to predict the body reaction. The side effects may grow, and this will influence on the quality of the intimacy.

Men over 65 years old and patients with acute mental disorders should not take Priligy. The drug acts on the central nervous system, and that is why the excessive load on the nervous system is not required.