Buy Novosil (Viagra Oral Strips)

General description

Novosil (Viagra Oral Strips) is thin fast-dissolving strips which contain the active ingredients improving the erectile function. This is a new analogue of Viagra and is produced in an unusual form. The drug contains Sildenafil citrate that is responsible for a hard erection and a satisfaction level.

Novosil is the only medicine on the basis of Sildenafil which begins acting in 10 minutes after the application. Viagra pills are considered a perfect medicine for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction, and they have been used in the treatment for many years. But Novosil clearly beats those medicines used before. Main advantages of Novosil (Viagra Oral Strips) are:

  • A fast onset of the effect: by 4 times faster in comparison with the pills
  • A convenient way of use: thin strips are not taken with water and may be used during meals
  • Strips have 7 different exotic flavors
  • It does not cause digestion disorder, dyspepsia, and other side effects in the gastro-intestinal tract
  • Strips have a soft effect and are well tolerated
  • Perfectly work for patients who hate taking the pills, do not like a taste of medicine, or cannot swallow the pills  

Buy Novosil Online

A safety of the Novosil strips has been proved during the medical studies and the results have been confirmed and approved by FDA. It is not a surprise because the main active ingredient Sildenafil has been used for the treatment of the sexual disorders in men for 20 years.

The mechanism of the action of the strips is similar to the pills. Sildenafil takes part in it. After a dissolution, the active ingredients are absorbed into the blood through saliva. It happens faster than during the use of the pills. When Sildenafil goes to the blood and penetrates into the blood vessels of the penis, the action occurs instantly. Men may experience that even a slight sexual stimulation causes a rock erection and they can have a sexual intercourse.

The active action of Novosil lasts for about 4 hours. This is the optimal period required for having a sexual intercourse. But if you had ejaculation, the medicine will continue working. You will restore your energy in several minutes.

A chemical formula of Novosil is safer than the pill’s one. The strips do not contain additional ingredients needed for the dissolution in the stomach. Therefore, the use of this form seldom causes allergic reactions or other side effects. The pills contain more non-active elements that are needed for the fast and easy dissolution in the stomach and to bring more active ingredients to the blood.

Recommendations for the use

Unlike the pills, the strips of Novosil may be used by beginners and experienced men. It is not difficult to put a strip on the tongue and wait for its dissolution.

Every strip of Novosil contains 50 mg of Sildenafil. If you want to take it, you should take it out of the package, put it on the wet tongue, and it will be completely dissolved within 30 seconds.

There are recommendations to be followed:

  • Do not chew the strips
  • Do not take it with water
  • Do not take the strips with wet hands because they may be dissolved on your fingers
  • Do not put the strips to food or a glass of water
  • Do not consume alcohol for at least 12 hours after the use of Novosil   

Novosil strips have a double effect. They improve erection and refresh breath. They would not be so popular if they had a bitter taste. Therefore, the strips have 7 different flavors, and you may select any as the mood takes you: watermelon, citrus, strawberry, cherry, pineapple, lime, and mint.

Sildenafil may be used once per day regardless of a medical dose. That is why, if you do not want to have an overdose, do not use the strips more than once in 24 hours.