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General description

Flomax is mainly used for the treatment of dysuric disorders related to the benign prostatic hyperplasia. The disease is developed as a result of the glandular tissue growth and may cause an acute urinary retention.

BPH is a benign neoplasm, it means that it does not cause metastasis. But in case of the neglected treatment, a man may have a dysfunction of kidneys and urinary bladder, and renal failure. Blood in urine, severe edema, and acute pain in kidneys are bad symptoms.

Buy Flomax Online

Flomax copes with the symptoms of the disease and prevent the growth of the glandular tissue. There are little evidences that the drug may reduce tumor, however the medical studies have proved the efficiency of the drug in the treatment of the symptoms (99%).

Flomax is an original name of Tamsulosin. The pills have it in the form of hydrochloride. This ingredient is a blocker of alpha adrenoceptors. It selectively acts on alpha 1 receptors, and therefore it does not influence on the blood pressure and the cardiovascular system.

How does Flomax help to restore urine outflow?

Blocking alpha1 adrenoceptors, edema of the blood vessels and capillary tubes is reduced in the small pelvis and prostate. As a result of this, a recovery of the normal blood circulation happens in the prostate, tone of muscles is reduced in the organs of the small pelvis. Some relaxing effect happens, so that a pressure on ureter is reduced, and a natural outflow of urine happens in men.

Flomax copes with the symptoms of the disease and normally does not influence on the growth of the glandular tissue. Therefore, the product is often used in the combined therapy, or during early stages of the benign prostatic hyperplasia when a growth of the tissues does not affect the functions of the urinary system.

Flomax cannot cure of the benign prostatic hyperplasia. If a disorder of the urine outflow is related to kidney stone disease or other disorders, the use of the drug may be pointless. Therefore, before the treatment, it is necessary to specify a diagnosis and find out a level of the glandular tissue growth.

Dosage and administration

Flomax is produced in capsules for the oral use. The capsules are produced in the dose of 0,4 mg. They are well dissolved in the intestine, does not cause a digestion disorder, and are easy to use.

The capsules of Flomax should be used once per day. A daily dose of Flomax should not exceed 0,4 mg in the treatment of the dysuric disorders of any severity. The use of higher doses does not cause an increase of the therapeutic action but it significantly increases a risk of the side effects.

It is better to take the capsules in the morning, after breakfast with enough water. If you forgot to take Flomax in the morning, take a pills as soon as you remember.

Flomax 0,4 mg should be used on a regular basis without skipping any daily dose. The effect occurs not at once, just in 2-3 weeks. Even if you do not see any effect within the first week, do not stop taking the pills.

If you do not take the capsules on a regular basis, the effect will be low. In case of the treatment of BPH, it is not desirable.

If a man is prescribed anti-inflammatory or antitumor drugs besides Flomax, a dose is not adjusted. It does not interact with hormone drugs which are usually used in the therapy of BPH. But if a man takes medicines of the vasodilating or vasoconstricting action, a dose may be adjusted.

Flomax is not prescribed women, and it does not matter what are the causes of the urinary disorder.